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Vallox 245 MV VKL

Equipped with water circulating post-heater radiator, for large houses

Maximum living area m²: 400
Maximum exhaust air: 267 l/s, 100 Pa

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Vallox 245 MV VKL is suitable for large dwellings and for public spaces (schools, day-care centers, offices). Unit has a water circulating post-heater radiator.

Unit is equipped with built-in humidity sensor. It assures that there is automatically an increased ventilation airflow if indoor humidity starts to rise. Vallox 245 MV is equipped with graphical MyVallox Control -controller, but unit can be controlled also with LAN-connection or through MyVallox Cloud -service.

Vallox 245 MV is a real energy saver. It’s SFP (Specific Fan Power) is only 0,7 kWh/m3/s, so it doesn’t consume lots of energy when being in use. In addition, thermal efficiency is very high, so unit can transfer most of the thermal energy from extract air to supply air.


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